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The Source for Purchasing League of Legends Accounts

Looking to purchase League of Legends accounts? I buy a lot of League accounts, so I know what is up when it comes to who is the best company in the industry. The lion’s share of the companies out there are low-quality Chinese, fly-by-night businesses looking to make a quick buck off of PayPal fraud and scams. There are a handful of legitimate businesses out there, and I’ve been to them all. I’ve purchased accounts with a wide variety of different websites, and when I buy LoL accounts, I always go with one company in particular. They have a great selection, English-speaking support staff, and instant turnaround delivery on all orders through their site.

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Not having to wait for someone to manually approve the payment and send me the account info is nice. Everything’s released automatically, so the moment that your payment goes through on PayPal is the moment you get your brand new account information dispatched to your E-mail. Truly a class act, and it is nice to see some innovation in the League of Legends third-party sales market, a market which is growing more crowded by the year as tech companies look to make a profit off of the unending popularity of Riot Games’ home-run MOBA.

If you’re looking for the best site and provider of League of Legends accounts, this is, without a doubt, the best company in the industry. After professionally reviewing many different companies I’ve purchased with, I can safely say this one is objectively the best company in the business when it comes to smurf accounts and collectible accounts. A great stock that is constantly being refreshed, instant delivery times, helpful and fluent customer support, and an atmosphere of professionalism that has yet to be echoed by any other company in the industry that I’ve encountered.

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