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No Room for SEO Mistakes

If you are a business owner you probably could relate to the problems and witness on how to stay visible in the business world. With SEO there are numerous ways on how to be on the spotlight and once we get to be successful on those strategies we often overlook about the things to avoid mistakes.

We get carried away with fame and give more attention on rankings and designs of the website forgetting about the proper way of using SEO that will protect site from sinking. These may be one of the reasons why other sites are banned and no longer function.In order to avoid these untoward circumstances we should take note of important things that we should do or shouldn’t do in order to stay in rank.

Listed below are some common mistakes that are commonly done by SEO users.


Being branded as a copycat would not give your site the integrity it needs, worst it could be the main reason why you are given a penalty. If the company has its own character why copy from a competitor? Originality is more preferred than copying a post from other sites and convincing the user that you are the “original”. This is not a minor offence even though some are still doing this kind of mistakes. Remember that you cannot keep this as a secret and think that no one will ever know, there are already word trackers taking actions for this.

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Links are Broken

This is a commonly committed mistake that directs the user from seeing the intended website. It also best described as a hyperlink that does not proceed to its intended site. If you happen to see or experience this kind of problem, you are probably a victim of web makers that promise answers to your long time questions that give you a broken link.

Penalties are given to those who are guilty of doing such mistakes. Besides the fact that it doesn’t provide information to users it also gives a bad reputation because of a bad link. Downgrades of site’s ranks are action to discipline this kinds of mistakes so don’t even try.

Non-credible Sources

Links from non-credible sites might lead you on wasting your time. This kind of mistake is often done by giving users a “credible” link which is actually from other related sites. The benefit of using other links to fool users will most likely upgrade your rank and produce traffic but the credibility of your site is also at risk once you are caught. If you are really serious about this, why not do the right thing?

Irrelevant Keywords

The first step on building a website is to create a list of keywords that is related or connected to your product or services. These words are the ones being typed in the search engines and would directly go to your site if chosen. Be sure to take note the keywords that people would actually type in the search engine if they are looking for the service that you offer. It is wiser to consider the most common term or word that might be used by searchers and avoid unrelated keywords.

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Getting to Know Host Gator A Bit More

Are you looking for a trustworthy web hosting company? HostGator might be one of the companies that come to mind if it involves reliable hosting services. The company has made a name for itself as a top provider of reseller, shared, and dedicated web hosting.

How the Company Started

HostGator has headquarters in Houston, Texas, where it was also founded in 2002 by current CEO and President Brent Oxley. The idea behind the company was born in Oxley’s Florida Atlantic University dorm room. HostGator’s first venture into the web hosting business started with three servers, although they have now amassed over 7,000 servers. They host more than two million domains, which are responsible for about 1% of the Internet traffic in the world.

The Customers

Now, HostGator’s servers are catering to over 225,000 customers. Their clientele varies from freelancers and startups to Fortune 500 companies based in more than 170 countries.
Many of HostGator’s customers are web developers and web designers who are also reselling hosting services to their clients. They prefer the web hosting company’s services because of their affordable rates, which did not stop them from offering powering hosting services. Novices and computer experts alike love these services.

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The Company Progress

HostGator was hailed as one of the fastest developing private companies in the US in 2008. Inc. Magazine has ranked them in the 21st position in this list and the 2nd fastest growing company under the “business services” category, and fastest growing private business in Texas.
This rapid growth of the company has prompted them to make the move from Boca Raton, Florida and house its employees in the 20,000 square foot office in Houston, Texas. After the move in 2007, the company has grown to include over 200 employees and counting.

Based on the 2008 customer satisfaction survey, about 90% of the company’s customers are happy with HostGator’s services. They particularly do well in the customer service aspect, which is one of the main reasons why the company is well-loved among its clientele. This place at the top of the industry has not made them complacent though. Aside from providing great web hosting services, HostGator also keeps the customers satisfied with their excellent support system. This is also in keeping with the company’s goal of being a leading global web hosting provider.

If you are looking for a web hosting company that will take care of your website and your business in general, HostGator’s services are worth considering. They have proven how good they are for more than a decade now. They would not have been able to last this long in a constantly changing industry if they don’t know what they are doing.

New website owners are especially in need of HostGator’s assistance. Their lack of experience in the industry will be made up for by the web hosting company’s expertise. They will have the right people to walk these website owners through the complicated field of website hosting.

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jQuery Plugins


This article will cover the following elements:

Form Skinning

Frustrated with the form elements inconsistency among different browsers? With these jQuery plugins, you can unified the look and feel of all your form elements.

Form Validation

It’s always good to have client side form validation. These jQuery plugin will save your times and works by reusing already made form validation.


Masking can help to avoid human mistake. I found these plugins are very helpful to guide users and decrease the chances of bad data.

File Uploader

These file uploader transform the orginal input file element into a more robust file uploader that able to upload multiple files and having a progress bar to indicate the upload progress.

Checkbox & Radio Button

Spice it up your checkbox and radio button with these jQuery plugins!

Spin Button & Slider

Spin button can be useful sometimes. The other alternative will be a slider.

Auto Complete

You must have seen the auto complete functionality from Apple.com, google.com and all the major websites. With the following plugins, we, too can implement it in our websites easily.

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Calendar & Time picker

The old school method to let user select date and time are using drop down lists (day, month and year). Now, we can use a calendar, timepicker to replace the old way. Since it’s picked from calendar, it decreases the chances of invalid date. I like them.

Drop Down Menu (Select Element)

Want to do more with drop down menu? These plugins able to add more capabilities to drop down menu.

Color Picker

If you are building some online tools that involves colours, I guess you will like the following plugins. jQuery based colour pickers!


Sometimes, we get really annoyed when we have to type in message in such a small space (a textarea), and we have to scroll up and down, left and right (sometimes) to read the entire message. Say no more to scrolling! Add this autogrow/resizer capability to textarea to avoid that.


All the plugins are implemented using jQuery, there are still heaps of them out there. Of course, you might able to find other good stuff which are not made from jQuery. If you wrote jQuery plugin that enhances form, and you think it’s really cool. Drop me a comment, I will add it in.

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The Source for Purchasing League of Legends Accounts

Looking to purchase League of Legends accounts? I buy a lot of League accounts, so I know what is up when it comes to who is the best company in the industry. The lion’s share of the companies out there are low-quality Chinese, fly-by-night businesses looking to make a quick buck off of PayPal fraud and scams. There are a handful of legitimate businesses out there, and I’ve been to them all. I’ve purchased accounts with a wide variety of different websites, and when I buy LoL accounts, I always go with one company in particular. They have a great selection, English-speaking support staff, and instant turnaround delivery on all orders through their site.

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Not having to wait for someone to manually approve the payment and send me the account info is nice. Everything’s released automatically, so the moment that your payment goes through on PayPal is the moment you get your brand new account information dispatched to your E-mail. Truly a class act, and it is nice to see some innovation in the League of Legends third-party sales market, a market which is growing more crowded by the year as tech companies look to make a profit off of the unending popularity of Riot Games’ home-run MOBA.

If you’re looking for the best site and provider of League of Legends accounts, this is, without a doubt, the best company in the industry. After professionally reviewing many different companies I’ve purchased with, I can safely say this one is objectively the best company in the business when it comes to smurf accounts and collectible accounts. A great stock that is constantly being refreshed, instant delivery times, helpful and fluent customer support, and an atmosphere of professionalism that has yet to be echoed by any other company in the industry that I’ve encountered.

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